Kensho Dojo is a Shotokan Karate club located in Tilehurst, in Reading - based in the Thames Valley area of Berkshire. Weekly martial arts instruction include Shotokan Karate class with a belend of Tai Chi and Aikido. The club is affiliated to the English Traditional Karate Federation, and accepts members from Reading, Lower Earley, Woodley, Earley, Calcot, Burghfield Common, Caversham and Tilehurst

What is Karate?

Karate is a Japanese word which means unarmed combat (‘Kara’- empty, ‘Te’- Hand). Developed in Okinawa and Japan, one of the most popular styles of Karate is Shotokan Karate.

What is Kensho Dojo?

Kensho Dojo, formerly The Henley Tigers was formed in Henley-on-Thames in 1999 to impart the knowledge of Karate. We are affiliated to Karate Jutsu International. Although the primary style of the club is Shotokan Karate, the teaching at the club is also influenced by other forms of martial arts like Tai Chi, Yiquan and Aikido. Our emphasis is on traditional Karate with martial application and not sport Karate.

Kensho Dojo is one of the few clubs in the world that provide video feedback session to its students to enhance their training

Can I learn Karate?

Men and Women of any age in reasonable health can train Karate. Although it is advised to consult your doctor before you start any form of sport. The club currently accepts membership only for men and women over the age of 16

What are the benefits of doing Karate?

Physical benefits include

Mental benefits include

Self defence
Cardiovascular exercise

Self esteem

Where and when can I train?

For details refer to Where We Are

How much does it cost?

Members are charged only £20 a month for training once a week.
Annual club membership fee to cover administration and insurance costs is £20

Are there any Grading exams

Our club is not a commercial grade machine, but based on your progress grading will be conducted in Karate-Do

What is I have more question

For further information contact the club instructor by visiting Contact Us