Cyber Budo summer course review

Kensho Dojo is a Shotokan Karate club located in Tilehurst, in Reading - based in the Thames Valley area of Berkshire. Weekly martial arts instruction include Shotokan Karate class with a belend of Tai Chi and Aikido. The club is affiliated to the English Traditional Karate Federation, and accepts members from Reading, Lower Earley, Woodley, Earley, Calcot, Burghfield Common, Caversham and Tilehurst

With Higaonna

Many different styles and so much to learn, that’s how memorable the weekend (28th July – 30th July) of the summer course was. Martial Arts students from UK, France, Poland, Spain, Germany and Belgium got together at the wonderful sports complex in Bisham Abbey managed by Sport England to train with some of the best names in martial arts like Sensei Morio Higaonna, Alan Ruddock, Louis Mercier, Sr Enjuto, Alan Tattersall, George Andrews, Tony Christian and Terry Wingrove. Natacha, Paul and Rakesh represented the Kensho Dojo at the course, and managed to train over the weekend.

Terry Technique

The sessions with Sensei Terry Wingrove is always very fascinating, and not to mention very painful. He demonstrated the importance of correct technique, at the right distance, in the proper direction, with impetus. It’s always amazing to see how an old person can immobilise strong young men with the tip of a finger. Well, that’s 50 years of training. He worked on standing techniques as well as ground work, and primarily demonstrated the difference between the old martial arts and the modern watered down Karate.

Sensei Mercier from Paris and Sensei Enjuto from Madrid taught some very interesting techniques from Ju Jitsu and Tai Jitsu. Sensei Enjuto started by teaching self defence technique with a stick, and later demonstrated how the same technique can be done using bare hands. He demonstrated some interesting locks on the floor. Sensei Mercier worked on various self defence scenarios in a street fight.

Natacha TetsuSashi

The session with Sensei Andrews gave an insight into the world of equipment training by Goju Ryu Karate. We started by trying out the Chikara Ishi (strength stone) or Chi-Ishi for short. This is a wooden pole about 50 cm long with a concrete disc at one end. Tetsu Sashi (Iron Lock), is a block made of iron with a handle, and can be used to train the punch and kick. Nigiri Game (Gripping Jars) were another interesting Okinawan equipment used to strengthen the grip. The highlight of the course was a demonstration by Sensei Morio Higaonna, one of the greatest instructors of GojuRyu Karate.

Higaonna Equipment

Sensei Higaonna demonstrated the use of various Okinawan traditional training equipment, and also performed the Suparimpei kata, one of the most advanced katas of GojuRyu

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