The club has a new Black Belt

Kensho Dojo is a Shotokan Karate club located in Tilehurst, in Reading - based in the Thames Valley area of Berkshire. Weekly martial arts instruction include Shotokan Karate class with a belend of Tai Chi and Aikido. The club is affiliated to the English Traditional Karate Federation, and accepts members from Reading, Lower Earley, Woodley, Earley, Calcot, Burghfield Common, Caversham and Tilehurst

Natacha Grading
Natacha's DAN Grading
Congratulations to Natacha Rasse for successfully grading to her Black Belt (1st DAN). She is the 2nd Black Belt from our club, but the first one to receive the Black Belt having started as a white belt with the club.
Grading took place at Windsor on Sunday 27th Nov 2005. The course conducted by Sensei Masao Kawasoe was attended by Karate students from all over England. The grading took place at the end of the course, where they were made to do the kihons, kata and kumite.
Natacha has been training regularly for the last 6 years, and all her effort paid off on Sunday, when she received the 1st DAn from Sensei Kawasoe.